The Shobogeno Zen Center

 Shobogenzo Zen Center Manila Philippines~ Ven Mujin karuna 法师无尽卡鲁纳 ~ “editor”. The Shobogenzo Zen Center Blog compiles the latest news in Socially Engaged Buddhism from many different site. It is our mission to bring both Eastern and Western Zen Teachings together for a new age of Zen. Some have gone so far as to say it is the Golden Age of Zen within America, and that the Great Masters of the 60`s and 70`s had a great plan in their insight of protecting the Dharma until the day will come for it to return to it`s home land.We hope you help in the every changing times of these Golden Years, and share your insight into this great time that the Dharma has been cast upon us, the second generation of both monastic and practitioner.

“The views expressed by the authors of these articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors of the Shobogenzo Zen Center.


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