Stop Self Proclaimed Buddhist Teachers from harming Students



There are many such teachers in many religions that self proclaim under a religion as being something they`re not in order to defraud others of proceeds as a job and slide by the tax man even. those that work hard and give their money to such people and their org`s, just to find out in the end that all their years of work has been in vain, that they have in fact been a victim of fraud. the Five Mountain Zen order is just one of the many living off of the young and those searching in very real ways, on a Path being used by a fraud with fake identity and all, ducking and diving the IRS by changing names, closing down one shop, opening another down the road. This brings deep spiritual harm as an end result. Please help in this cause to expose these such org`s., and individuals by adding them to this cause list for others to at lest be brought to light and to be able to investigate on their own before the harm of years pass. Thank you for being apart of the uncovering of religious identity frauds.


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