The Amazing Paul Lynch, What Can`t This Man Do?

Paul Lynch, JDPSN

Paul Lynch, JDPSN

Guiding Teacher at Beforethought Zen Community

Greater Los Angeles Area 
Religious Institutions
  1. Golden Wind Zen Order
  2. Golden Wind Zen Center
  3. Ocean Eyes Zen Center
  1. Psychology, Psychology, Business Management at California State University-Long Beach
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I began exploration of Buddhist Practices during my college years and came across Buddhist practices while studying Psychology. I began Vipassana Practice in earnest with Greg Penn in 1987 after an experience of transformation and studied with him for several years. I found myself being drawn more and more to Zen Practice and eventually met my current teacher. I began Zen Practice with Zen Master Robert Moore in 1990 and followed him around to his various teaching locations in Los Angeles, Whittier and Berkeley California. Also I traveled to Las Vegas and Seattle and sat many retreats in these locations.

I finally took 5 precepts in 1992 and began traveling around the country visiting many different Zen Centers in Dallas, New York, Portland, New Haven, Providence, Boston, Denver, Chicago and Detroit. Installed as Abbot of Zen Center 1993. I took 10 precepts in 1994 at the Providence Zen Center in Rhode Island, and in 1995 became a Dharma Teacher at Dharma Zen Center in Los Angeles. Eventually I took 16 precepts in 2000 and took 48 precepts in 2001. I was Installed as Dharma Holder in 2004 and given limited teaching duties and was Installed as Jido Popsa-nim in 2006 and given authority to teach Zen and Koans to students.



June 2008 – Present (4 years 7 months)


April 2006 – June 2008 (2 years 3 months)

Associate Teacher to Zen Master Robert Moore at the Golden Wind Zen Center in Long Beach, CA.


January 2005 – September 2007 (2 years 9 months)

Served as Abbot of the Golden Wind Zen Center and helped transition it to an independent order.


April 1995 – January 2005 (9 years 10 months)

Served as Abbot of the Ocean Eyes Zen Center
Long Beach


August 1993 – April 1995 (1 year 9 months)

Founded the Zen Center with Zen Master Sungan and Zen Master Robert Moore. Served as Abbot and changed name of zen center when it moved from Huntington Beach.


Additional Information


Honors and Awards:
Took 5 precepts in 1992
Took 10 precepts in 1994
Received title of Dharma Teacher in 1995
Took 16 precepts and received title of Senior Dharma Teacher in 2000
Took 48 precepts and received title of Bodhisattva Priest in 2001
Installed as Dharma Holder in 2004
Installed as Jido Popsa-nim in 2006



Now for the kicker here Paul, you are not even aloud to teach, a quote from Golden Wind Zen Order themselves:

” Dear Students of the Golden Wind Zen Group and the Public at Large:

It is with a great deal of sadness and wistfulness that I write this letter is to inform you that Paul Lynch was permanently suspended on July 13, 2008 as a Ji Do Poep Sa Nim in the Golden Wind Zen Teaching Order. I originally asked Paul to take a leave of absence as a teacher during which time he could begin to practice regularly once again and make an effort to deal with his severe health problems and personal issues. When informed of this leave-of-absence from teaching, Paul decided to walk away from the sangha entirely.

A Ji Do Poep Sa is permitted to teach only under the direct supervision of their supervising Zen Master according to the Korean/American Zen tradition.

Any teaching done by Paul (under the rubric of a “Before Thinking” organization or in any other forum) is, therefore, presented without the consent or approval of Zen Master Ji Bong. Consequently, Zen Master Ji Bong accepts no responsibility for any of Paul Lynch’s words or actions currently or at any time in the future. Paul Lynch is not in any respect to be considered the Dharma heir of either Zen Master Seung Sahn or Zen Master Ji Bong.

If a student -JDPS is unwilling to follow his/her teacher, that student gives up all rights to any claims of lineage. One has authentic lineage or one has nothing – that is the majesty of the Zen Tradition.

Ironically, this experience has become a good teaching experience for all of us. We must watch our steps in each moment – remember there is always a banana peel close by.

Zen Master Ji Bong (August 17, 2008) ”


All this looks so good to those that don`t know Paul’s a scam artist and lives off the unknowing of others spiritual needs. In many`s book that the worst kind of criminal next to a sex offender. This man and so many like him are worse then used car sales man and door to door Kirby dealers. Just bottom feeders using the Dharma changing names, he even tried to change mine, just amazing that people still support him. but them again these are the same people that complain about the politics and then goes right out and votes the problem right into, or back into office and continues the complaining. just amazing, I`m blown away that he just changes robes at will, and weekly to suite his money needs to pay for his cell phone bill i thing was the last one?


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