Self Proclaimed Zen Teachers Do harm To Students

Student Comment:

Does this mean that the IBMC will try to split Paul’s group off from their organization? My understanding is that there are many sincere priests and nuns at the IBMC. Not sure how Paul pulled off merging with them or with the Buddhist Studies Institiute, which is now a part of the College of Zen Buddhist Studies. Now 5M priests have taken Vietnamese names! As for Bill, he tries, but I lost respect for him when he reprimanded me on Facebook! Whether or not others ordained through 5M will stay is an open question. No matter; they are free to move things forward, if they can, and we are free from them.


Student Comment:

Just unfriended Paul and a few others from 5M. I don’t have to use him as a reference because my reputation remains pretty good. I unfriended from the 5M order’s web page as well. The less I’m connected, the better!

This is a cause that needs to be addressed for the benefit of all, just one is all the merit of life times: 
Just wanted you to know that I’ve officially dropped out of the CZBS and I’ve severed with my 5 Mountain teacher, Bill Murphy. I’ve connected with a new teacher and I’m moving forward. Thank you for letting me know what was up! “…… thank you!

Stop Self Proclaimed Buddhist Teachers from harming Students
There are many such teachers in many religions that self proclaim under a……..

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