FMZO Paul Lynch Gets Around PayPal`s Nonprofit Frozen Accounts, USING PEOPLE!

It would seem the same person that has acted as an abusive Dharma teacher under the FMZO Bill Murphy, one that I wondered about myself while going through a class of his if he was real or some plastic toy that plays monk in his lavish life, that teaches koans and is not authorized to scratch a pimple, I have found via students that he in a round about manor pushes and forces actions not in line with teaching ethics under the Vinaya rules of conduct, shaking the faith of others is a  direct violation to move to disrobing under these set rules. as such I have prepared a complaint to the Vinaya board of ethics to go with Mr. Paul Lynches actions.

  Now we find Paul is using Bill Murphy to collect his funds behind the back of PayPal`s freezing of FMZO`s account for nonprofit fraud.

Precepts Application – Five Mountain Zen Order

Bill Charama Murphy, Rev.  Five Precepts—Lay Practitioner (Ú Ba Sae, UBS) Date/location of last precepts in the Five Mountain Zen Order, if any * 

  Following thing Google link under his name leads use to the back door of Paul`s greedy little hands..

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