The Founders Face Book Page, What Really Going On???

I received an email today from IBMC stating that this page  has nothing to do with the IBMC page nor IBMC, a quote from IBMC today;  ” I’ve seen Chitta’s photo on the Facebook Founders Page of IBMC… (which has nothing to do with the IBMC Facebook page)…”. the email went on and I will just say that there is some real work going on here that is just dirty. I was told by Paul Lynch via live Skype that they where using the Dharma Heir from mexico because the Ven. Karuna can not travel and isn`t at the IBMC Temple anymore at the Grand Ordination, ” It will go on without her”. So  I made contact with IBMC yesterday to get the phone # to wherever the Ven. Karuna maybe, what a surprise this was, more lies by Paul to keep me off his dirty take over so it is coming to light. IBMC today, ” She is still living here, but went to visit here family in Sacramento, should be back in a couple of weeks.”. which is the norm for the Ven. Karuna, she does this all the time and even told me last we spoke.

Now for the mind blower, told to me today by IBMC, ”  The college of Buddhist Studies seems to have been taken over by a new person… Not sure why or how… But maybe you can find a link online.” WOW!!!! What is really going on, how did Paul get this school and who is setting all this up, Now Paul has been using his PayPal account do to FMZO being froze. Following this I see what is becoming…..( … _pymk_name ).Paul stole the school, the Ven. karuna doesn`t even know it and IBMC as well. WOW!!!! This is mind blowing. So Paul has been receiving the money from the school personally and using it how? The FMZO nonprofit is froze do to his misconduct of action via PayPal  call them up. Because I will and am going to have another talk to them via Skype first thing Monday morning when they open.

This is the admition fee of $25 for enrollment, I ask if he got it and said yes, that I can send dana this way.



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