Five Mountain Zen Order & Paul Lynch, Seems To Be An Ongoing Issue Yet To Be Addressed

by jisahn108 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:03 am

Well, typical for discussions that veer into academic minutiae, you’re missing the forest for the trees a bit. My point is that Lynch and now Foster say that lineage is important, and then they lie about theirs. Period. Simple enough? 

Further, Lynch was asked by his teacher to stop his activity as a provisional teacher (ji do poep sa nim), take a break, and get some counseling. Instead, he immediately started calling himself “Zen Master”, started his own ‘order’, and surrounded himself by a bunch of 30-something clearly ambitious young men, most of whom have now left and started their own school, where they are charging $10,000 for tuition for a useless ‘degree’, leaving Paul without a nod on their many websites. And there are so very many websites – they’re popping up like mushrooms, everybody’s names and titles changing like a chameleon’s colors. We are not going to cause anything to change here, but I’d hope that folks could agree on a simple “gee, all that does seem to raise some questions.”

And again another uncovered  truth, and now we can add yet a new tradition after just last week. This guy is the most harmful thing to hit Buddhism in  America I believe ever.

Five Mountain Zen Order & Paul Lynch

 jisahn108 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:19 am

Let’s not get the water too muddy here! :smile: 

Of course, the lineage thing can get messy going back. Let’s not even get into that here. Paul Lynch says he has transmission. He himself emphasizes the importance of it over and over in passages like this: 

The Five Mountain Order of Zen is formed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining public worship and teachings in accordance with the principles and doctrines of the Zen Buddhist Faith through a lineage of Masters, culminating in the teaching of Rev. Yuánzhì Dàoqīng Chánshī, and thereafter through the teachings of Masters and Teachers appointed by him. The Five Mountain Sangha is an American Zen Organization in the Korean Sŏn lineage of Zen Master Seung Sahn.

Never mind I find his entire tone inflated and somewhat ghastly. He is setting up the rules of his own game. Those rules are fundamentally based in clear and unmitigated lineage-connection, of which he is “the culmination” :rolleye: 

Anyone can say the right “Zen-y” words. But as someone else said, if he’s lying out of the gate, why would you entrust yourself to him or his guidance? Anyone can give advice. But I personally won’t go to someone who says “I am an authority; look at all my shiny credentials!” but when those credentials are inspected, they aren’t true. That is the point.

What I am saying in addition is that there is a pattern. He said he was a student of James Ford (again, in a greatly inflated manner, usually for years listing Fords teachers for no other reason than to pad his resume – he had no contact with Aitken or Tarrant). James Ford says he wasn’t a student at all. he says he has transmission in a hundred places – but apparently he doesn’t. He says “inka” is transmission in the Korean tradition – but it patently isn’t. He split with his teacher Jibong acrimoniously, immediately started his own order, ordained a bunch of people (I say under false pretenses), and many of those (headed by the equally controversial Jiun Foster) have left Lynch, started THEIR own order, and are declaring themselves Zen masters now too. It’s easy to say, “Whatever. Anyone can do what they want.” That’s fine for you – but what about the people who don’t know any better, and get swept up in the “glamor” of connecting with Seung Sahn and Ancestral Zen Buddhism? You can likewise say “well, that’s their fault for getting suckered; that’s their business.” But I think it is a real issue for Zen across America – can anyone just say anything they want and call themselves zen masters? I think we should call people out when necessary, and maybe head of worse abuses than simply lying before they start.

Lynch also mysteriously adopted an unpronounceable Chinese Dharma name, and calls himself Chanshi, or chan master. C’han is a different tradition. it is the forbear of Zen and Son, but is its own tradition at this point, with different methods, styles, practices. All of these things have their own integrity – they are all related, but you can’t just go mixing and matching willy nilly – especially when to my eyes I think Lynch does it under the delusion of inflation, and a wish to convince people he is more qualified than he is – he wants to be the Great Zen Master! He studied with great Japanese Zen Masters, and sometimes has referred to himself as ‘sensei’ (despite no authorization, and no real study, in any Japanese tradition.) he has an impressive Chinese name! he uses Korean robes, Chinese kasa, and Japanese rakusu! How eclectic! 

I actually think it all stinks to high heaven, almost every element of this guys MO.

 Now we get to add yet another tradition and name to inflate Paul, it is just  amazing this guy and people email and threaten me for stating truth that has been long uncovered  that I am doing harm  to who? Paul Lynch and the so called monks of the FMZO that go around strong arming people with their marital arts crap? I would love for them to follow through with just one of their many treats to me to this day. Hell I will even fly their and show you what real martial arts is. So just keep sending me the threats and the 3rd party BS emails from people I don`t know and we will just keep this going.
  Jack, where is the blog you threatened me with yesterday, need help making it to air my dirt out to the pubic that already knows it all? What they don`t know is all this crap on this  guy, self proclaimed nonprofit fraud. Was told by PayPal to call back today in regard to my sending the money in the schools PayPal account and it getting to Paul via third party after they shut him down. Their not to happy with that after  i forwarded an email and invoice to them with my card # on it, and he saying he received it in an email. Changing cell phone and net plans to try to stay a little ahead of the IRS phone calls are you now Paul? Who knows with this guy, lets see what threat comes my way today.

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