Who is Paul Lynch, What Name Is The REAL One?

Now we are a little confused here, as Sweeping Zen stated, how can a Korean so called Zen Master as he calls himself, ordained under a Vietnamese Dharma Hier, and take on yet another name and tradition? How many names can one person have? Who, and in the short time I was involved it changed 3 or 4 times is this man?  If he received true Dharma Transmition as he claims, why wasn`t his original teacher here at this ceremony  and does his original teacher approve of this merging of Orders? Where is Paul’s REAL Dharma teacher through all this? And what does the Korean linage he represent say about this? There has been NO word from his self claimed ties to the Korean linage in any of this and this is a major moment in the history of both lineages. There would have to be a Korean linage sponsor to okay this action if it is to be real and authentic. I wonder why we have heard nothing from Paul’s teacher in the Korean linage? Even when one of the monks ordained in another tradition with another teacher the Ven. karuna was present and they (The Monk) had her full support.

It has been my understanding that in the past when a tradition or another Zen School  and Tradition remains quiet, it is a sign of disapproval. And Paul did walk away from them, meaning he has no real transmition nor teacher on the Korean side. This was a very good topic that was brought up to me with Sweeping Zen. I wonder what is and who is being payed for all this. the school is the object and prize here it would seem, but there is more o this that is for sure. I wonder why with all the phones calls from stopping me in telling the true story why doesn`t Paul just come out with his own what is going on statement?

Some pictures of Paul in action:



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