Paul Lynch Has been Making many Phone Call To Clean-Up His Actions From The Public

Paul Lynch has had everyone from Sweeping  Zen to my own blogger community of the Bearing Witness Blog on the phone trying to stop the truth of his actions. In the MANY phone calls and emails including interviews I have been under after leaving FMZO I wish to say to Ari and Bearnie from ZPM that I am truly sorry you have had to deal with Paul Lynch and his crying about the truth of his actions being un-Earthed to the public.And want to say I do understand and thank you for your continued support .and friendship over the years.

An email i received:

”  Wanji did notify me about the post.  i’m not interested in hearing his side of the story or in taking sides because, as i said, i don’t think disputes should be on the blog.  if they have been there in the past, than it was a mistake.  i’m sorry you don’t feel as such, but we do appreciate your work.  if you would like to keep posting, you can post the links you have.  if you don’t want to, i understand.  

Ari   “


  Paul, Paul. Paul, crying to the world? Would you like to see the 40 min. interview i had with Sweeping Zen fro your own back yard that doesn`t even believe you? But as he was quoted to say to me to be careful they are all martial artist and I fear the hell out of them do to James Foster and a crew of his clicked up monks cornering the editor pf Sweeping Zen one day and threatening him after finding out Fosters involvement with the freemassons

The last few words of our 40 min. talk, the editor for Sweeping Zen that fears Lynch, Foster, and all the martial artist clicked-up monks of FMZO. I told him I would not disclose the whole talk do to his fear of safety that he made very clear to me, and that I should be careful as well.


  •  You know I don’t know. This whole thing makes me feel a bit weird. I sent you a request earlier to see what was going on between you and Paul and all that.
  •  take car, and dont worry
  • Please be well Mujin.
    Paul, your whole is getting deeper, the phone call to the Ven. Chitta didn`t stop nothing as well. Just dug your whole deeper too.
    Goodmorning by the Paul, hows your health? The coding of this schools site, where did you get the money for this, it is very well done I must say after I have gone through many of the coded pages. You have been using money from somewhere that for sure.

5 responses to “Paul Lynch Has been Making many Phone Call To Clean-Up His Actions From The Public

    • I don’t know if it is a teaching, but I just want people to know the truth and to really take the time to look in to matters before they take that step. I made a mistake in trusting a so called Zen teacher, and it very much not only affected me, but my students. As a teacher, I learned a big lesson by making one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

      • I understand. Choosing a teacher is very important. I am sorry your past teacher is not trustworthy. Is there a way you can see to use this experience to illuminate lovingkindness to not just those people we love, but also to our enemies?

      • Yes, you are correct. and funny thing is many doors are opening for me right now do to all this. I would of let this go and have really except for the daily threats from other so called Buddhist in the Paul club. i learned in war and in prison to in fact do just that. I maybe be pushing here a little hard, but a hard push is needed here, not a hug in this case. There are different ways we use what is taught to us as Bodhisattva, sometimes we hug, some time we push, sometimes we do nothing and that in itself is an action and a tool. there are times and places for everything, I am not this person really, and most that matter know this and me. The problem is that in this case, one just can not do nothing and allow others to turn out as James Foster did bring great harm to others. If i have to give up my robe so be it, its not what it about, it all comes down to ethics and morals, and helping others in not being the cause of harm. This is why he was passed over and not a linage holder, he has real issues and are teaching those issues to others. There is the danger and why at time as Daido roshi once said, we have to pick up that sword. When i was a Ranger in the Middle job was to first protect those in areas of conflict that can not do so for themselves. So am I wrong and not a Buddhist for pulling the trigger and taking a life to save a family? Lovingkindness, there is a fine line there. I don`t hate Paul, it is a lesson he needed to be taught. And I`m done now, I made the point, he is what he is, and my center is doing great as well as my students. I have no enemies, he is not me enemy, that is a worldly view when seeing such action as I have displayed. he knows now that he is not an untouchable as he so often made clear to me while shit talking all kinds of people every Sunday morning at 10 instead of doing what was to be done, koan practice. For-which he is not authorized to even do, thus bringing harm to the Dharma in itself. I want to thank you for being my friend and bringing this up. thank you _/\_

  1. The reason why I took down the Ven. Chittas post is do to her and I talking and I showing her the reason, My life is an open book Jack, I got out of the army as a Ranger with server PTSD still to this day under the treatment of the VA here in the PHIL., they had me so over medicated that I fell to a drug problem and had to go to a VA rehab do to them and their getting me strung out. The Military, my disability, and the VA, landed me in prison for almost 6 years. I found the Dharma with some real teachers. I have gotten clean and my life together and turned around. I just had my right knee replaced do to the military and they do have me on medications now do to having two major knee surgeries, and 2 more to go. So Jack my life is an open book, everyone know so I am not approving your response but answering your questions. If you want to make a blog and air my life out as you said, go right ahead and I will even help you Jack, Hell I don`t even know you but here is the other answer to your question of why I took down the Ven. Chiitta`s post your so worried about. We had along talk and she didn`t know about Paul using her name and seal on documents, she was lied to as well so it seems. It took us some time that night to work threw the BS, but here, I will answer with her words and mine:

    Mujin Karuna
    i can show you

    Kelsang Chitta Karuna
    now how are you going to collect all the bird feathers?
    u dont need to show me i dont care
    thats between u and FMZO

    Mujin Karuna
    the only wrong is with you, i am sorry an will deliet that, but not them
    they are not with me, they used me
    you, i am sorry
    but now i know
    hes a kurana now?

    Kelsang Chitta Karuna
    he is a Dharma now, they ordained under the name Dharma not karuna

    Mujin Karuna
    i will clean up with you on the net, not them
    then he lied to me again
    i`m sorry and i will clean up between you and i. but not them
    an for you i will stop this war he put to me
    he lied and made it look as if you where in on it
    for that i am sorry
    now i know
    i will clean what i can
    an i will do right only by you and Ven. Karuna
    i will never trust anyone as i did him again
    that is my lesson
    i`m sorry, but you never talk to me and let me know
    he told me all this shit

    Kelsang Chitta Karuna
    well im sory this happned for you

    Mujin Karuna
    thats all i can do

    Kelsang Chitta Karuna
    you have your ordination wiht some one else now and thats all that matters

    Mujin Karuna
    i have to answer to the IRS do to him
    it isn`t
    not to me

    Kelsang Chitta Karuna
    ok we i guess u have to do what u have to do

    Mujin Karuna
    he used your school and tricked me
    i will clean up between us, i`m sorry

    Kelsang Chitta Karuna
    well i will look in to what ever is going on htere

    Mujin Karuna
    it will start tonight, i will clean up what i can

    Kelsang Chitta Karuna
    i did not know about that

    Mujin Karuna
    i understand, now
    forgive me
    thats all i can say, and do from here
    he brought the harm
    i neer wanted this with us as before

    Kelsang Chitta Karuna
    ok i gotta go good luck with every thing

    Mujin Karuna
    i will start now cleaning up
    you too

    Mujin Karuna
    I removed your threads, to a point. i will not allow Paul to continue doctoring paperwork. I am sorry for thinking you where in this with him, he lied a lot, i believed him as a fool. i will not make that mistake again. once again, i am sorry only to you and our family, not the FMZO and their click. I just wanted to know if it was true or not, now you told me, i see. Next time just talk and ask me what is going on. please don`t jump on me so we do not go through this anymore. Be safe, metta!

    So there you have it Jack who ever you are. Make your blog sir, and have a good life? Metta!! _/\_

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