Welcome to the College of Zen Buddhist Studies and the Buddhist Studies Institute – Los Angeles Student Portal

Please click on the link to see the required classes for each and everyone of us to pass in order to claim the fame as they all have. As you will see, not one of them have earned any of their degrees as they have yet to even finish FMZO and the Ven. Karuna`s IBMC Zen college requirements set by themselves. This is the cover up, that I will be disclosing to the public in the fake documentation given along with the titles of all within the FMZO. Why am I doing this? Because this is something my retired sick in her last days Ven. Karuna Dharma would expect me to do as her monk and student with the 42 years of hard work she has put into this school. Stealing the Dharma, her name and stamp seal for documentation is not only against the Vinaya Ethics and Rules set by the Vinaya Committee, but is a 3rd degree felony in the court of law if it leads to any profit. Each time used is one more case of fraud and forgery leading to grand theft, all felony charges. Mr. Lynch now ordained last week under these laws and rules, and the question of how he paid for and or tricked the Dharma Heir into this Grand Ordination will be coming out in the end. As I will be going down the list of all the FMZO clergy in this manor.

I have nothing to hide, all my wrong doings are public knowledge and  can be found on Google, who I am now, the person I was before, and where I stand. Mr. Lynch said I wasn`t a Buddhist, I sure am not in his definition of one. I am a small monk, a Bodhisattva, my job is many things, one is to protect the Dharma from people as this.

Enter the school by pressing the link, it will show the required courses.

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