The Truth Behind the Action, What You All Have Been emailing Me About.

My name is Mujin Karuna, and I am an ex Five Mountain Clergy, this morning I left the Order do to ethical reasons of Paul Lynch and his actions. Yes he does make up documentation to help everything look good, and he uses the signatures and seals of other teachers without their knowing. I have two such documents in my hands right now. He is also under investigation for nonprofit fraud with an audit coming down on him and his Paypal accounts froze do to his wrongful action and PayPal reporting him to the IRS for the nonprofit fraud. A quote from Paul this morning, “[07:34:22] Paul Wonji Lynch: The tax issues are for my Computer Consulting Business.” him answering some questions I had leading to him using the word WAR just because these issues came up in my trying to sponsor my students for retreats that he and his Order can not do being broke. A private letter from the student portal to us;

Another Urgent Request
by Ven. Bill Charama Murphy – Thursday, 28 June 2012, 05:38 AM

Good Afternoon Sangha!
As you know, our beloved teacher, Ven. Yuanzhi, is leaving his home in Huntington Beach for his new residence in Las Vegas.
To that end, he has given away most of his belongings and is busy packing what’s left into a rental truck. By this weekend, he’ll be in his new home, the Zen Center of Las Vegas. His new address will be:
Paul Lynch
2471 East Harmon Ave.
Las Vegas, NV. 89121
Even under normal circumstances, this would be a challenging time for anyone. Moving is never easy. Or fun. But with all of Soen Sa Nim’s responsibilities with our Order, as well as the College of Zen Buddhist Studies — on top of trying to eke out enough money on which to live — this move is probably even more challenging for him…although he would not put it that way. To him, “it’s all good.”
I know these are tough economic times. And I know we’re all doing our best to keep our heads above water. But I have a favor to ask of you:
Would you consider sending Soen Sa Nim a check to his new address so that he has money on which to live once he gets there?
Our Order’s motto is “in the world with helping hands.” And it’s that way because Soen Sa Nim has a servant’s heart. I’ve never known anyone more giving of his time and extraordinary wisdom. So I see no better opportunity to demonstrate helping hands than now. Because Soen Sa Nim needs our help.
If you’re able to offer financial assistance (in any amount), please write a check and mail it to the address above. Don’t use his Paypal account. That’s been frozen due to a technicality regarding Five Mountain Order’s non-profit status. Until he gets the matter worked out, he’s living with meager funds, unable to draw money from that Paypal account.
If you aren’t able to offer financial assistance, that’s okay, too. Chant. Send positive energies his way. Do whatever you can to help make Soen Sa Nim’s transition easier.
Thank you very much for your time. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering my request to help our teacher, and our friend.
Many Bows…and Much Love to You,
Rev. Bill Charama Murphy,
Executive Director
Five Mountain Zen Order

NOTE: ( please write a check and mail it to the address above. Don’t use his Paypal account. That’s been frozen due to a technicality regarding Five Mountain Order’s non-profit status. Until he gets the matter worked out, he’s living with meager funds, unable to draw money from that Paypal account.) again…[07:34:22] Paul Wonji Lynch: The tax issues are for my Computer Consulting Business.” The State of Nevada has turned him down as well to date for nonprofit.

Another post from the student portal:
Urgent Request
by Dr. Wanji Dharma – Tuesday, 15 May 2012, 11:21 AM

Dear Five Mountain Sangha,
I hope this letter reaches you in good health and spirits, with a steadily deepening practice unfolding! It’s a great honor to have such a caring, creative and wise extended dharma family and it’s in that spirit that I am contacting you.
As most of you know in our country’s current economic climate our dear guiding teacher, Zen Master Paul Yuanzhi Lynch, has faced many of the employment and economic issues that have come to face several of us over the past several years.
However it has come to my understanding that for Soensanim, his economic situation has come to something of a head in that he will be relocating out of necessity, from California to Nevada, to take up residence in the Zen Center of Las Vegas.
With that in mind our teacher could really use our immediate help at this time to cover his basic expenses (rent, food and travel etc) as he makes this transition.
Paul Soensanim has been a great light in my life personally, as no doubt he has and continues to be in many of yours, giving tirelessly of himself without question, and without and expectation of reward. Perhaps we can pull together and utilize our mirror minds to reflect Soensanim’s great Bodhisattva action and spirit back his way with our together wisdom, creativity, generosity and caring.
I know that times for each of us are hard, however it is with great faith in our wonderful sangha, that I humbly ask each of you to do what you can in offering whatever you can directly to Soensanim during this time, as anything would be of great help to him. His direct paypal address is
Please contact me with any questions or ideas so that we may support our great teacher through this time of transition.
Thank you all for your continued practice, support and light that you shine upon our world!
Sincerely yours in the Dharma,
Ven. Joshua Wanji Paszkiewicz
National Abbot – Five Mountain Zen Order

“…the Monastery Without Walls”

[07:34:50] Paul Wonji Lynch: We have nothing to discuss, you have made your decision.
[07:35:18] Paul Wonji Lynch: My son is taking care of our tax issues with our folded business, thank you.
[07:35:21] Mujin Cibei Sunim: I don`t know, all I know is it very much affected me yesterday in trying to do something for my students
[07:35:48] Mujin Cibei Sunim: what decision are you talking about?
[07:35:57] Paul Wonji Lynch: Have a wonderful life, and find a new sangha to support you
[07:36:08] Mujin Cibei Sunim: i haven`t rendered any such thing
[07:36:12] Paul Wonji Lynch: good bye my fiend.

This is how a fully ordained monk under the rules of the Vinaya acts behind the seen to not just me but he talks shit about every teacher i ever had, such as Zen Master Dae Gak and has stated he can give two shits about the Ven. Chitta or the Ven. karuna, after the fact of taking over her collage. He email me one day out of the blue and offered me the collage courses for free and a web site, then ask if I can make him robes that he has some problems with the guy in China. I just so happen to do Business with this certain person and it comes down to the fraud cases once again.

After he through the word war out there I replied;

[07:39:03] Mujin Cibei Sunim: i copied all your info.
[07:39:24] Mujin Cibei Sunim: you want to make a war with me?
[07:39:37] Mujin Cibei Sunim: it is a yes or no question sense you brought it up
[07:39:42] Paul Wonji Lynch: yes, and you are not a True Buddhist, I am sorry for your pain.
[07:39:50] Paul Wonji Lynch: good bye.

Just after being fully ordained under the Vinaya rules he wants to make war with me, can you believe this guy?
I have had my say Paul, o here`s one today…” [06:55:46] Paul Wonji Lynch:The shit on Dharma Wheel is not even worth me addressing, the people who run that began attacking Steven K Hayes and his Tendai Organization about 5 years ago. so why did you have a Dharma teacher with the name karuna make that statement on this site?

The money I never sent you went to both buying out right my Zen center for my students to have a home as well as myself, something you have yet to do in those 20 years you speak of in nonprofit, where all that money go Paul? The rest is in two sacks of rice a week by my front door to give out cups of rice to the dirty hungry homeless people that live on the streets of Manila, so they can eat in the morning at least. That Php3,000 per week out of my pocket as a disable combat vet, it comes to $73.13 a week. What have you done for humanity lately Paul, or whatever label your using today?

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