Help Keep Bernie Engaged




Dear John,


In June of 2010 I took the “plunge” at Auschwitz with Bernie and was deeply transformed.  My heart was ripped wide open.  Five days of sitting with the horror and humanity of Auschwitz/Birkenau left me with an incredible, inexplicable feeling of the oneness of us all.  Universal love was my take-away…




I was so moved that I wanted to help Bernie and Zen Peacemakers bring this experience to more people.  I learned of Bernie’s other areas of interest and  developed a better understanding of the inherent “teaching” that exists within bearing witness and social action.   Many others around the world have been inspired by Bernie, and the role of ZP is to support Bernie’s efforts to answer their calls for advice and assistance.


The good news is, although Bernie is in his seventies, he still convenes like-minded people and inspires others to continue the work he started over 25 years ago.  In the last months he spent time in Brazil with villagers who eek out a living in an urban garbage dump, in Rwanda with local groups who facilitate Genocide Reconciliation, and in Israel/Palestine with groups on both sides. While there he inspired local village leaders to explore a Greyston-like enterprise in order to reduce the 75-80% unemployment in their village.


Bernie is returning to Auschwitz next month and to Israel/Palestine in December.  In January he returns to Sri Lanka to work with Dr A T Ariyaratne, founder of the Sarvodaya Movement. Woven among all of Bernie’s trips are monthly visits to Greyston as their spiritual advisor and he squeezes in teaching and workshop engagements wherever possible. 



As you can see, Bernie is very active.  His journeys are touching many people, but we need your help in keeping him out in the world inspiring, advising, and serving. Your support can come through Friends of Bernie monthly donations, a deductible one-time online donation or by sending a check to: Zen Peacemakers, PO Box 460 Sunderland MA 01375.


Zen Peacemakers is a 501(c)3 organization and so all donations are tax deductible.


With peace and appreciation,


grant couch



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