The Rinzai Zen Community Special Announcements

Sesshin Update, and Korinji Work Weekend
Dear RZC Members and Friends,

We have two announcements about upcoming events to share:

1.  Special Massage Instruction at Sesshin, November 1-4! 

Our Zen line’s curriculum of internal practices includes a simple system of partner massage that we use to help one another relieve tension and blockages.  Using pressure applied with the hands, elbows and feet to the muscles and along the energetic meridian system, this is a wonderful practice which supports our Zen training.  In its current form it comes originally from Tanouye Roshi, one of Omori Roshi’s dharma successors and transmitters of our line to the West.  

We’re pleased to announce that this system will be taught at the upcoming sesshin, Thursday through Sunday Nov. 1-4 at Daiyuzenji in Chicago.  So’zan Miller Roshi, the Daiyuzenji abbot, will instruct.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn a useful and important practice that is not often taught in its entirety!  All participants at sesshin will receive this training (that is, you need not do anything special…just participate in sesshin).  

2.  Korinji Work Weekend and End-of-Season Celebration:  Oct. 2-28  

October 25th~28th is the Korinji Year-End Work Weekend and our traditional end to the season: a Halloween Party!


2012 has been a great for Korinji and 2013 will prove to be very exciting as we anticipate the completion of our first building.


Our final official work weekend will start a little early in the week this year. So if you’d like to enjoy several days of being at Korinji, working, training, and having fun of course…all are welcome anytime after 3PM on Thursday, October 25th, and may stay though Sunday the 28th.  As part of our celebration, we will end our work day early on Saturday and enjoy some of the family-friendly attractions of nearby Wisconsin Dells.  


RSVP required!  More information here.



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