The Rinzai Zen Community News and Events

Finding Balance Seminar-October 14th


3717 N. Ravenswood, #113, Chicago

October 14, 2012 – Sunday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm


The Finding Balance seminar is about using daily activities as a means of self-development and training. It is about refining your posture and breathing and expanding your awareness to live a better life. This seminar will explain how to use your body to obtain tone (strength with flexibility) and self-carriage (stability and lift). You will learn how to develop your awareness through vertical posture and vertical breathing and to be aware of unconscious habits that keep you from living a balanced life.


Seminar instructor Kogen (Tom) Nagel’s experience and expertise is in the basic biomechanics of how human bodies work. He practiced Aikido for seventeen years and is an advanced practitioner of Zen Bodytherapy, a bodywork discipline that combines deep tissue and alignment work. Tom started his Zen training in 1977 under the guidance of Tenshin Tanouye Rotaishi and was ordained a Zen priest in 1997.  Author of the books Zen and Horseback Riding and Simple Pushes, he is an internationally recognized instructor and clinician who presents throughout the United States and in Europe. 


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Zazenkai Report
Nine practitioners joined together for our quarterly zazenkai on September 29th, an overnight retreat, at Daiyuzenji in Chicago.

Training was led by So’zan Roshi, Daiyuzenji abbot, and Meido Roshi, who briefly came out from retreat in time to attend. Participants came from our Chicago and Roscoe, IL groups, and were led in a program of practice stressing familiarity with sesshin forms and – above all – extended periods of zazen. Additionally, So’zan Roshi offered open dokusan to the beginners and Meido Roshi gave a dharma talk which will shortly be posted to the RZC members’ page. 

Zazenkai are offered quarterly in Chicago and are an ideal way to deepen one’s daily practice and prepare for sesshin. Our next zazenkai is set for November 17-18. 

Sesshin Reminder: November 1-4

Our next sesshin will be held November 1-4 at Daiyuzenji in Chicago. Sesshin is an intensive Zen retreat. Beginning very early each morning and lasting until late in the evening, the sesshin schedule includes meditation, work periods, chanting, calligraphy and other activities. The intention of sesshin is to completely focus and unify mind and body; the schedule facilitates concentration, and forces participants to face themselves clearly without distortion or distraction. Sesshin is an opportunity to see yourself and your life more clearly…and to emerge with new insight and strength to change old patterns of thinking, doing and being.


Detailed information on participating in sesshin can be foundhere. Pre-registration is required. Please register here before November 1st.


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