Eido Shimano to lead sesshin at Providence Zen Center in 2013?


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Oct 2nd, 2012

Sexual Predator Allowed Back After Being Not Just Asked to leave, but kicked out with Options he gave no shit about.

By Adam Tebbe

One must really pause to question the wisdom of any Zen institution that would offer Eido Shimano a place to teach and lead sesshin, knowing about his long and well-documented history of sexual and ethical misconduct that began when he first came to the United States in 1960. From where I am sitting, for any Zen institution to offer Shimano a place of teaching authority on their grounds is unconscionable. According to a letter from George Zournas to the Trustees of the Zen Studies Society dated 9/14/1982, one Dr. Tadao Ogura (then Senior Psychiatrist of the South Oaks Hospital) agreed, saying of Shimano: “Wherever he goes, he s[h]ould never again be given a position of primary authority.” That was the opinion of a highly respected psychiatrist dating as far back as 1982!

And yet, the Providence Zen Center (the international headquarters of the late Zen master Seung Sahn’s Kwan Um School of Zen) has knowingly done just that. In an email from Ekyo Ursula Sapeta to Eido Shimano’s remaining group of followers, Sapeta writes:

“Eido Roshi kindly agreed to lead sesshin in USA in May 2013.The sesshin will be four and half days, starting Friday evening May 24th and finishing Wednesday May 29th, after lunch.

We have a reservation in beautiful place Diamond Hill Monastery at Providence Zen Center (http://www.providencezen .org).”

Fair enough. The assumption would be that the Providence Zen Center mistakenly booked the reservation for May of 2013, not knowing that the sesshin was to be led by Eido Shimano. This, sadly, is not the case. In an email exchange between the Providence Zen Center’s director Jeff Partridge and Rev. Kobutsu Malone dated October 02, the Kwan Um School of Zen’s head temple confirmed that Mr. Shimano would indeed be leading sesshin at Diamond Hill Monastery in 2013.

Kobutsu Malone:

Dear Friends,

I am writing to inquire if the Providence Zen Center has actually booked a reservation to host a sesshin conducted by Eido Shimano in May of 2013 as per the attached email?

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply,

Rev. Kobutsu Malone

Jeff Partridge:


Yes I’m working with Ekyo now on the details. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

Thank you,
Jeff Partridge
Providence Zen Center”


(Photo via Wikimedia Commons by Brian Murtha under a CC-BY-2.0 license)




One response to “Eido Shimano to lead sesshin at Providence Zen Center in 2013?

  1. In 2009 I was excepted after jumping through loops to train at Edio`s beautiful monastery. Two letters from two different monasteries and a resident nun in the same traditions one Edio`s direct disciple… With a date and my bags packed i learned some very disturbing news that i have now found has been some how removed from the net all together. 33 cases of sexually abusing his students over a 20 year time frame, he was given options to seek help and step down from teaching. This was a comity of masters in Hawaii that met with Edio. he blow them off and continued his actions for another 10 years when told by legal entities to leave the U.S and not come back and if he did he would have to deal with this action formally. So I ask the question to the board/sngha of Edio`s monastery. They withdrew my application and ruffly told me to never contact them again over a very real questions and in fact my right to know about the illegal activities of the Abbot and his actions. In my eyes the Sabgha that new and aloud this action by Edio to go on over 33 cases against him, are just as wrong s he was. i told them this as well, that the law states just having knowledge of a felony act and not reporting it, allowing new students to come in and be abused, that they too are in fact legally responsible. but it looks like Edio cleaned up the net. profiles of his actions and payed off some people to let him back into the US when ask to leave by the State attorney. this is a disgrace to the western community all together.

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