Force Facebook To Block All Child Pornography.

Force Facebook To Block All Child Pornography.

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Force Facebook To Block All Child Pornography.

Leaked Document Exposes Facebook’s “Investigations Professionals” as Outsourced Workers Making $1 an Hour

Posted by Raymond Bechard (cause leader )

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The Facebook Scandal is Growing.

Here is the truth behind the thousands of illicit images of children on Facebook, why Facebook tolerates them, and how YOU can tell them to STOP. ( )

In response to the Force Facebook to Block All Child Pornography Campaign, Facebook claims that, “We’ve built complex technical systems that either block the creation of this content, including in private groups, or flag it for quick review by our team of investigations professionals.”

So who are these investigations professionals? They are people like 21-year-old Amine Dekourai, who works online from his home in Morocco making $1 an hour.

After passing an online written test and sitting for an interview via Skype, Dekourai was hired by California-based outsourcing firm oDesk, which has a contract to review questionable content for Facebook.

He was part of a 50 person team from Cheap Labor Nations including Turkey, the Philippines, Mexico, and India. Together they use a web-based tool to view a stream of pictures, videos and wall posts that have been reported by users.

That’s it. That’s the “complex technical systems” Facebook uses to address images of child abuse on their website.

However, NONE of this works to prevent the content from being posted in the first place. Some of it so graphic that moderators like Amine Dekourai don’t keep their jobs very long.

“Pedophelia, Necrophelia, Beheadings, Suicides, etc,” said one moderator who quit after three weeks. “They did mention that the job was not for the light of heart before hiring me. I left because I value my mental sanity.”

This abuse – and Facebook’s False Claims – have gone on long enough.

This is where you and your friends have an essential task. Please go to and send your written messages directly to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.

And for an inside look at the “Abuse Manual” used by Facebook’s Outsourced Content Reviewers, follow this link


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