Report: Christians in Burma forced to convert to Buddhism

Originally posted by Buddhadharma.

Christians from the Chin ethnic minority group are being forced to convert to Buddhism in Burma.


According to the Chin Human Rights Organisation (CHRO), Christians from the Chin ethnic minority group are being forced to convert to Buddhism in Burma. Stating that the coerced conversions are the result of state policies, the CHRO has released a 160-page report titled ” ‘Threats to Our Existence’: Persecution of Ethnic Chin Christians in Burma.” The report is based on more than 100 interviews conducted over the last two years.

In the CHRO press release, the group states:

“The report reveals ongoing violations of religious freedom in Burma’s Chin State under the new government led by President Thein Sein, including violations of the right to freedom of religious assembly; coercion to convert to Buddhism, the religion of the majority ethnic Burman population; and the destruction of Christian crosses in Chin State.”

For more on this story, you can also read a report by Stoyan Zaimov, a reporter for theChristian Post.


4 responses to “Report: Christians in Burma forced to convert to Buddhism

  1. This seems very bizarre and disturbing. Could this be true? I am left confused and saddened. The article indicates that students are beaten if they do not recite Sutras. Seems like the beaters need to absorb the meaning of the Sutras, not their dead form. Thank you for this post. It highlights the fact that Buddhists are human beings and fallible, just like all humans.

    • I couldn`t tell you way any student would undo go such a thing regarding just sutra study. However, as in my school in the zendo we have monitors that watch over the students during zazen and use what is called a bamboo kensho stick. They will hit you in certain area`s to wake you up or stimulate you in your zazen itself. They use certain areas like pressure point really. Therefore they do not hit you hard and it kinda spurs you along. it is a very ancient tradition used by the early Ch an/Rinzai Masters and in the soto school s well.

      • I had wondered if the reporter got confused with the use of the kensho stick, sutra study and zazen. However, the idea that people are forcing conversion to Buddhism, irrespective of the kensho stick, is hard for me to believe. I hope it is not true, but if it is, I would assume that the people forcing the conversions are not actually practicing Buddhists, but government officials.

  2. It is strictly forbidden for any Buddhist monastic to force the teachings of the Dharma and it fulls under the rules of the Pali we follow to be dis-robed and ask / forced to leave the Order who robed you and gave you Precepts. So these are in fact in my eyes not Buddhist at all, for-which i know doesn`t solve anything,but they are to be disrobed ad not looked upon as a monastic.

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