Zen Hospice Project to mark 25th anniversary with celebration

Originally posted by Buddhdharma.

 “One Night One Heart”


Zen Hospice Project will mark its 25th anniversary with a celebration at the  Fort Mason Center in San Francisco on October 18. The event, “One Night One Heart,” will include “a live documentary, a unique combination of media, music, narrative, and storytelling, to capture the deep meaning and joy in our work,” and organizers except over 300 to be in attendance.

Zen Hospice Project, founded in 1987, has provided care for “over 3,000 terminally ill people and their families by training and supporting more than 1,500 volunteer caregivers. [In addition,] over 18,000 people, including many health and social care professionals, have attended [the organization’s] workshops and support groups.” For more information about the event, contact Eden Penfield at eden@zenhospice.org or call             (415) 913-7682      , ext. 106. You can also find information about sponsoring the celebration here.


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