The Waking Dream

The Waking Dream by  Author Ray Grass.

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 This book represents the best, most comprehensive, exposition of the symbolist world view in a single volume. Infact, if I wanted to truly understand the deep, fundamental roots of mysticism or occultism, this is the book that I would read first. Symbolism stands in contrast to stark materialism in that it assigns inherent Meaning to the world. Symbolism holds that this physical, material world is the lowest level of reality and not it’s totality, as “science” would have us believe. The lower levels merely reflect the archetypical currents, patterns, and laws of the higher: “As above, so below.” To personally validate this mode of thinking in one’s own life is to experience permanent mind shift. You never see creation as dead, sterile, and meaningless again. What more can one ask of a book or a teaching?


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