Wecolme To The Shobogenzo Zen Center

Wecolme To The Shobogenzo Zen Center.


~ Mujin Tenjin Karuna 穆金禪師, “editor” ~

The Shobogenzo Zen center Blog is dedicated to compiles the latest news in Socially Engaged Buddhism.

The views expressed by the author of these articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the Shobogenzo Zen Center.  Ore mission is to bring American style Zen Buddhism and it`s teachings back to it`s roots. The Great Masters long ago for saw the great change that under went the Dharma in the 60`s and 70`s. They wanted to preserve it until a time that the thirst was Great. Many have said this is the time. As a second generation American monk, our root teachers where all the great ones from every Asian country. I just hope that the transformation isn“t seen as a great threat…unfortunately it is this way in today’s world.

Please follow us with  all your options and insights, it is a great test, in a great time period of the Buddha`s Dharma. ~


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