Zen and Nonviolent Communication workshop: "Relationship with Self"

    Furnace Mountain Retreat Center, Clay City, KY June 8th, 2012
    with Self
    A weekend retreat
    exploring Zen Meditation,
    & Empathic Self-Connection

    June, 8-10, 2011
    Furnace Mountain
    Zen Retreat Center

    Start: Friday 7:00pm (check-in 5:00pm)
    End: Sunday 12:30pm

    After last years great success with our first Zen & NVC retreat at Furnace Mountain we are happy to offer a slightly different theme this year, still diving into practicing both Zen and NVC.
    Everyone is welcome at this training – prior NVC knowledge and some experience with silent meditation is helpful but not an absolute requirement.
    Together we will explore how the wisdom of Buddhist consciousness and the Buddha’s teachings about the non-existence of a fixed “Self” go together with the practice of NVC and empathic self-connection and self-expression.

    The workshop will include in introduction to the principles and basics of Zen practice and of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg.
    Together we will explore silent meditation and will observe the never-ending inner dialogue, our “monkey-mind”. In various and fun exercises we will explore ways to transform this inner dialogue from judgment, blame and analysis into a communication with ourselves that supports growth, aliveness and a compassionate and supportive connection with ourselves and the world around us.
    Practices will include learning to:
    • Sit upright with poise and grace in the middle of what is alive for you in the moment.
    • Connect with what is alive for you in the moment.
    • Listen to the inner dialogue and translate judgment, blame, criticism and analysis into a language that supports life
    • Identify the positive motivation that underlies all self-blame, self-judgment and self-criticism.
    • Shift patterns of thinking to transform depression, guilt, shame and fear.
    • Distinguish between observations and evaluations, feelings and thoughts, needs and strategies, requests and demands.
    • Attune to your own life-giving potential
    • Express yourself honestly and openly

    What is Zen?
    The term “Zen” derives from the Sanskrit term “Dhyana” – meaning dynamic stillness and meditation. To practice Zen is to give yourself wholeheartedly to what you are doing in each and every moment and to what is happening in each moment. While there are formal practices in Zen training such as sitting still and following the breath, the ultimate direction of Zen is to awaken to one’s life as it is and live it wholeheartedly. We practice to remember that this life is our only life and this activity is our whole life in the moment.
    What is NVC?
    NVC is both a concrete set of skills and a spiritual practice that leads to inner and outer harmony. The simple 4-step process supports emotional freedom, self-acceptance, inner peace, and fulfilling relationships. The practices include expressing ourselves honestly, listening with empathy, and developing inner compassion.
    NVC was created by clinical psychologist and international peacemaker Dr. Marshall Rosenberg together with the global Center for Nonviolent Communication.

    Martha Lasley, certified NVC trainer,
    Integrates Nonviolent Communication and transformational coaching to help people experience the alchemy of shifting blame and judgment into compassion and love. As a certified trainer for the Center of Nonviolent Communication she works with visionaries and social activists to unleash passion and create change. She designs and delivers coach training programs to ignite personal and organizational transformation. She teaches NVC around the world, in prisons, universities, NGO’s, corporations and homes. She is the author of two books, Courageous Visions and Facilitating with Heart.

    Dae Gak, Zen Master,
    Is the Founder, Abbot and Guiding Teacher of the Furnace Mountain Zen Retreat Center. He has practiced Zen for over 40 years and received Inka and Transmission over 15 years ago in the Su Dok Sah Korean Lineage from Zen Master Seung Sahn. He teaches in both the US and Europe. He holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and has practiced psychotherapy for 30 years. He is the author of the books Going Beyond Buddha, The Awakening Practice of Listening and Upright with Poise and Grace – coming forward as you are. He has directed his life towards supporting people in their efforts to realize their original nature of fearless immediacy and unbounded compassion.

    Daniela Myozen Herzog, Zen Teacher,
    Has brought Zen meditation and NVC to teachers, day care providers, parents and children she has worked with. She is particularly interested in exploring and reconnecting with the wisdom of the body and raising awareness of what our body is communicating to us. She is a teacher in the lineage of Zen Master Dae Gak and leads Zen retreats both in Germany and the US. She works as a certified professional coach supporting people to create the change they want to be in their life.

    The retreat fee of $ 375.00 includes room and board.
    Partial scholarships are available by application.
    For further information and to register, email Daniela Herzog: myozen@furnacemountain.org

    The workshops will take place at the beautiful Furnace Mountain Zen Retreat Center in the Red River Gorge region of eastern Kentucky – about an hour drive from Lexington Bluegrass Airport and two hours from Louisville Airport.
    Furnace Mountain Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, dedicated toward peace and compassion for all beings through teaching meditation and the principles and practices of Zen Buddhism.
    For further information about Furnace Mountain, please visit our website: www.furnacemountain.org

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