The Eight Stage, Both Ox and Self Transcended


    Whip, rope, person, and Ox –
    all merge in No Thing.
    This heaven is so vast,
    no message can stain it.
    How may a snowflake exist
    in a raging fire.
    Here are the footprints of
    the Ancestors.

In the eighth picture there is no ox and no person. Is a fish aware of the water it swims in? When there is a subject, looking out, then there is an object. When there is an object then there is a subject to know it. If there is one then there must be two. One is only in comparison to something.

This is the stage beyond all dualities, of no inside, no outside; no subject and object; no person and environment. It is said there is no words to describe this stage. How can you grasp yourself, is it by pointing at your face and saying this is me, or by describing ourselves? When we are truly ourselves we would be able to separate from ourselves. When one has become one with self-nature there is no longer self-nature.

One response to “The Eight Stage, Both Ox and Self Transcended

  1. Please follow this link Copy/Past….Thank you! talk to many people here that in fact do follow the Path Of The Theravadan,and i will just come out and say it "SMASH" the Mahayana school and by their own admittance is do to mainly their lack of understanding the teachings of the school(s) of sudden enlightenment. I even have talked to some that are very well advanced in their study of sutra`s without a teacher, just self taught. That tell me they need no teacher, that the one on one relationship between teacher and student is a wast of time, that the sutra`s is all that is needed. So i chose the 8th stage to show how much a true meditation master, (a true teacher of the Way)is the only one that can save you from nirvana (ultimate bliss),that is mistaken for Enlightenment. The Tibetan Wheel of Life drawn by the Buddha himself shows nirvana as the view of the moon, but he is pointing not forward, but backward from the stand point of buddhahood. We become monks to renounce the world only because to truly liberate we must be free from all Things. In the end it doesn`t matter what school we train or follow,Theravada or Mahayana. Each has much to share with the other, And over these years i now see that even though in the beginning we perceive them as opposites and i have even heard that, " They rub against the grain of each other." I see now after theses years, that parts and pieces from both school start to merge together. I can`t help but to reflect on my Tibetan study of Lama Sopa`s first vol. of why the Buddha tough in three scopes.Keep an open mind, be well and safe..metta!

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